s  a  r  a    p  e  z  z  o  l  e  s  i  

H O M E     I N F O


Where does a body start?
And, where does it end?
The skin is the major point of connection (not the limit) between the “outside and the inside”. We can see its visible layer, and we can feel the invisible part of it, milion of living layers mostly made from microorganism in symbiosis with the (social and ambiental) environment.

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multisensorial installation
Bioplastic, scent design,

touch, smell, hear

Uv Ray

During this research I analyzed and “made visible” (some of) the invisible spaces and emotions that connect us one to each other and with the space.

Jewelry collection
Brass, metal, wood, glass, gesso, embrodery on textile

Touch, sight

Body lexicon 

Is that real? Following Spinoza's theory, a human being’s mind perceives everything that happens in his or her body by way of imagination (rather than intellect), and “nothing can happen in that body which is not perceived by the mind”.

Platform, collective projects
text, video, web design



kinaesthetic (ae) is a collective platform for transdisciplinary, sensorial art and design projects that aim to investigate the contemporary processes in which we as human beings change, move and perceive reality in relation with the environment and vice-versa.

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Platform for collective projects
smell, taste, hear, si

The Final note

“What the apocalyptic method in philosophy proposes, is the path of and toward the end as the only way to regain a sense of the world, more meaningful than the world itself”.

scent design 



According with Guattari in his book The three ecologie, “after the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the dominant mode of economic interaction and transaction was the capitalist system, with this emphasis on the free market. Capitalism system with its emphasys on the free market. This ideology of unrestricted competition has resulted in the widespread plunder of natural resources, particularly fossil fuels such as oil or coal, but it isn't just the natural environment that is treatened. Poorer countries are forced to sell their labour extremely cheaply in order to enter the global marketplace, and have exploited their natural resources without a thought for sustainability. Meanwhile in the pollution-choked cities of the developed world the most vulnerable in society are living increasingly insecure and alienated lives”.

Research, Video
Sight, hear

The warrior

Brechtian satire of the human condition during the pandemic nightmare. The two characters represent paranoia and willful ignorance; the two dominant voices in the current public discourse - both of which a form of escape from or denial of a new apocalyptic reality. A third voice emerges at the end of the Lehrstück (The Warrior) that addresses the shift in mentality that is urgently needed for humankind to be able to face and address the world’s problems.

Sight, hear

Identities for real

“The hermeneutical phenomenological human subject emerges, for Ricoeur, essentially through narrative. “Narrative” means more than simply a story here; narrative refers to the way that humans experience time, in terms of the way we understand our future potentialities, as well as the way we mentally organize our sense of the past.”

Video installation
Sight, Hear

Met mijn tijd

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