Dejavù from the future
smell design, text, video,
multisensorial installation

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video, smell design, bioplastic design
multisensorial installation

Where does a body start?
And, where does it end?
The skin is the major point of connection (not the limit) between the “outside and the inside”. We can see its visible layer, and we can feel the invisible part of it, milion of living layers mostly made from microorganism in symbiosis with the (social and ambiental) environment.

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Uv Ray
design and craft, photography, illustrations
Brass, metal, wood, glass, gesso, textile

made visible the invisible spaces between one to each other and the space.

Body lexicon 
text, video, photography, web design

Is that real? Following Spinoza's theory, a human being’s mind perceives everything that happens in his or her body by way of imagination (rather than intellect), and “nothing can happen in that body which is not perceived by the mind”.

Concept platform, web design

kinaesthetic (ae) is a collective platform for transdisciplinary, sensorial art and design projects that aim to investigate the contemporary processes in which we as human beings change, move and perceive reality in relation with the environment and vice-versa.

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The Final note
installation, scent design

“What the apocalyptic method in philosophy proposes, is the path of and toward the end as the only way to regain a sense of the world, more meaningful than the world itself”.

Video, text, research