Character Paranoia

Lia is kind, shy and sensitive. She is alone and all her friends have a family or a partner. Lia habitually tries to control and plan things- every aspect of her life. She likes to live in her comfort zone. She is 40 years old but feels and acts as if she was 30 years old. She goes to the gym, runs and yoga. She’s always very worried for other people, especially for her friends and family. She likes ice cream and sweet food mostly. She doesn’t like to eat meat. In general she is very reserved but if she feels comfortable with someone she can be very open and talk about her fears, struggles and desires. She loves art and she dreams a lot. She trips and falls very often, sometimes she thinks that she doesn’t have balance. For this she started to practice yoga. Lia is very much into all kinds of conspiracy theories and she spends a lot of time on the internet reading about them.
Character Willful Ignorance

Danielle is an intelligent Dutch woman in her mid-forties who has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is an empath,  sensitive to other people’s  ‘energies’, and she avoids people who spread negativity. Danielle takes yoga classes to deal with her anxiety and existential dread. She likes nature and animals. She lived in the Netherlands all her life and she considers herself typically Dutch. She has lived a very safe and protected life. She got divorced a few years ago and she is struggling to find meaning in her life. Since her divorce, she has been drawn to spirituality as a way to cope with her pain.



[In the year 2020 the world was under a terrible Pandemic. The humans being were in lockdown, forced to stay home in order to limit contamination]

[The sky is blue and the weather outside is getting warmer and warmer.]

[conversation starts normal]

[then deepens on the topic of Corona]

Lia: I have been feeling sick – I think I’m actually infected

Danielle: infected?

Lia: yes, I think I have Corona

Danielle: really? What are your symptoms?

Lia: just not feeling well. And my throat hurts. I coughed. I can feel it, it’s getting worse.
Danielle: but you haven’t left the house for weeks! How can you be infected?

Lia: the incubation period is two weeks.

Danielle: Oh Lia, Stay positive. I think that it is not so easy get this Corona everyone is so scared but I’m not. People exaggerate things. Lia: And they say it’s in the air- it can stay in the air for hours!
Danielle: Being happy is good for your immune system. So you won’t get sick
Lia: Oh Danielle, I would really agree with you but I’m so worried!

Danielle: Look, Lia, your body is an illusion. Illness is an illusion. You are ill because you believe you are ill!
Lia: wait, let me close the windows

Danielle: The harder you try to avoid something the more likely it is that it happens. So, relax. Look at me: I’ve booked three days out of the city this weekend, I’m going to stay in a beautiful house in the woods, just three hours by train from here! I’m so tired of staying indoors! It’s impossible.

Lia: I don’t know… maybe you’re right… but I’m afraid. Whatever happens I am NOT going to a hospital. With all the germs floating around there, no wonder people are dying.

Danielle: Everything is energy. If you raise your vibrations, you will only attract positive things

Lia: *coughs* Oh my God, did you hear that?

Danielle: hahahaha! But it was nothing! it’s probably just a political manipulation, and anyway only people who are old, overweight and have lung diseases are at risk so don’t worry about it.

Lia: That was a dry cough *shifty eyes*

Danielle: Stay positive. Being happy is good for your immune system. So you won’t get sick

Lia: the death toll in China is already 2 million, did you know that? The Chinese government is covering it up. The official death toll is of course completely fabricated, yet sheeple still believe everything that is in the news. Idiots

Danielle: well it is just a flu. Panic doesn't solve anything. People need to stop spreading fear-based messages.

Lia: what do you mean ‘ fear-based’ ? the reason the numbers are so high in china is because they are using it as a cover to remove political dissidents.

Danielle: You’re spreading fear based messages.

Lia: And then there’s the mobile organ harvest vans…

Danielle: What I worry about is that this is just one big excuse to enforce mandatory vaccination

Lia: Don’t even get me started on that! I agree completely! Do you know what happens with the body when the vaccine enters? There are a lot of side effects like pain, swelling, fever… and plenty of other more serious effects!

Danielle: What we need is Hydroxychloroquine

Lia:  yes I heard that that really works.

Danielle: And Vitamin C of course.

Lia: The universe is looking out for us. We need to stop struggling and align with the Universe.

Danielle: Lia, sometimes the things you say sound a bit disconnected from reality

Lia: Danielle, that’s because sometimes you are a bit blind

Lia & Danielle: rant, stop listening to eachother, stop making sense, stop being intelligible, switching roles, going back and forth between paranoia and ignorance

The Warrior:

What the world needs right now

What the world needs right now is not

What the world needs right now is

What the world needs right now is not your images

What the world needs right now is your silence

What the world needs right now is for you to listen

What the world needs right now is for you to be whole

What the world needs right now is for you to be strong